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Three Crowns Holdings Limited invests in Studioworx

Three Crowns Holdings Limited decided to invest in Studioworx! This brings a myriad of new opportunities. Read all about it here!

Three Crowns Holdings Limited invests in Studioworx

Three Crowns Holdings Limited, known for investments in Media and Technology industries have announced they made their next move by investing in Studioworx.

This represents a great opportunity for both companies to grow and expand in the new markets, as their services are extremely complementary to each other and this acquisition will reinforce both partners in their respective fields.

Three Crowns Holdings Limited owns a number of printed publications across various industries, through their media arm Schofield Publishing & Knighthouse Media, and has a customer base that numbers in millions of subscribers. They also bring huge expertise in the marketing and PR branch on a corporate and B2B level. This will bring a huge number of potential new customers to Studioworx as the new reinforcement of the Three Crowns Holdings Limited in the digital sector.

On the other side of this acquisition, Studioworx brings their expertise in web design and development, as well as digital marketing to the table. The combination of the two will bring a significant increase in quality of the services and capability to serve their clients in all aspects to both companies. 

What the key players have to say?

The management of both Studioworx and Three Crowns Holdings Limited is excited about this new development, and they are optimistic about the future of joint operations.

Andrew Schofield, the Founder and Chairman of Three Crowns Holdings Ltd. feel that this new acquisition will strengthen the digital media capabilities of the Three Crowns Holdings Ltd. and that the expertise Studioworx brings in the digital sector will bring a more optimised solution to their customers, along with the options that were unavailable before.

Mark Withers, the Founder and Managing Director of Studioworx say that this move brings his company to a whole new level, as the opportunity to expand from the current borders is the next evolutionary step that was required for Studioworx to grow. By joining forces with the Three Crowns Holdings Limited, Studioworx enters a segment of the market they never operated in before.

Joe Woolsgrove, the Managing Director of Schofield Publication added that this investment will also involve some organisational changes, as the new Studioworx office will be opened in Norwich, in addition to the existing office in Hull. In this way, the operations will be closer to the Schofield’s business development and sales teams, which will open numerous new opportunities for Studioworx to engage with the new and existing clients of their group.

This investment marks the beginning of a new era for Studioworx and the entire set of new opportunities in the future.

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