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The Ultimate List of Ecommerce Marketing
Tips - Part Two

The Ultimate List of Ecommerce Marketing Tips - Part Two

If you’re still with us then we’re assuming you’ve not given up on your ecommerce baby just yet? Granted, you may’ve thought about certain procedures in order to escape ecommerce parenthood but, we promise, if you take on board these next bits of advice your baby will begin to blossom.

1. Mobile Technology
Mobile phones have become the Argos catalogue for modern day shoppers, so you must ensure your ecommerce site is mobile friendly. Implement a responsive interface so that your ecommerce site transforms on any tablet or smartphone.

2. Wearable Technology
 It’d be wise to stay ahead of the times too by adapting your interface for such advancements and developments like watches and even glasses. How can you make sure you’re connecting with customers at all times if not? 

3. Video Vision
Video is amongst some the most rapidly evolving technology online. Easy to absorb and stream, videos are becoming easier to produce and share than ever before. Why not make ‘How-To’ demonstrations for your products? Or navigation and purchasing tutorials?

4. Multilingual
 Now that you’re up to speed with all the technology, it may be an idea to start developing translation features for foreign customers all over the world. Don’t exclude your market – make it more accessible.

5. Keywords
Whilst you’re in the process of looking at your language, why not focus on boosting your SEO by identifying keywords which rank highly in search engines and implementing them on to your own site? Your ecommerce SEO needs this to strengthen your identity of services and products.

6. Stamp your Authority
 A unique way to enhance content further is in the form of user generated content. A forum is the most common way to build a community on your ecommerce store, yet message boards and even chat areas can prompt your ecommerce store as an authoritative discussion platform.

7. Controversial Stamps
 On this note, don’t shy away from controversial topics. Controversial ecommerce topics on forums can strike up arguments from all sides. This can prove a smarter way of engaging with customers.

8. FAQs
Whilst tailoring the rest of your site to pack more of a punch, why not aim to make even the most trivial sections of your ecommerce site a little more exciting? FAQ pages get lots of hits so think about letting your company’s persona and culture shine through wherever it can.

9. A/B Testing, Testing 1,2,3
Test your checkout process. An ecommerce marketing plan without A/B testing is like running in bare feet – you may think that it’s fine for a while but you’ll soon realise it was a massive mistake.  Run through these tests to discover what sorts of words or buttons, and their placement, work best.

10. Abandon Shop!
 A/B testing and user experience testing tools put you in the minds of your customers; discovering why and when it is they abandon their shopping cart. This can help you determine why customers leave your store.

11. Fewer steps make for a greater distance
 The best thing to do is have an actual customer explore your ecommerce shop and walk through your checkout process. Take their feedback on the chin and then decide if you could completely remove a step or stage of that customer journey in order to speed up or improve your ecommerce service. This should encourage customers to use your site again if they process is swift and efficient.

12. Be the Postman
Once your customers have experienced a swift checkout process, the next step is to become the postman. Not literally, but by ensuring your delivery options are more personal with a hint of uniqueness; your packaging is robust yet beautiful and your speed is on time and slick, you can quickly separate yourself from the rest.

13. Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews can prove to be quite the quintessential slab of credibility which, in turn, convince other customers to buy products or use your service. Ask yourself, how many times have you filtered the search tab by rating and review? Push your customers to give you feedback!

14. Reporting for duty
It is your duty to generate reports to help understand and anticipate your future sales. Use your reports to consider how you may alter your ecommerce marketing strategy moving forwards. Without such reports you can’t identify the failings within therefore you can’t go on to improve upon them.

15. Give Back
Do you have it within your realm to give something back? Find an incredible giveaway or create a compelling competition. Prompt people to share it and create a real buzz. You can also collect data (such as emails) whilst doing so. Everyone’s a winner.

So, take back everything you once said about your problematic ecommerce offspring, go forth and employ these suggestions and, in time, you’ll grow to love what it is you’ve created. We promise.

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