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Studioworx partners with Yotpo

Studioworx partners with Yotpo to provide advanced UGC services to it's clients. Find out more!

Studioworx partners with Yotpo

We at Studioworx are happy to announce that we started a partnership with Yotpo, and that their services will be available to all our clients at any point they feel the need to implement the ratings and reviews system into their websites.

Yotpo as one of the leading content marketing platforms provides its clients with a unique opportunity to get the access to the enterprise level UGC (user generated content) platform at the price that is affordable for businesses of all sizes. 

This platform allows its users to collect, manage, curate, and interact with the user generated content, thus increasing businesses authority and reliability and allowing them to directly engage with their customers. This further allows establishing lasting relations with the current customers through increasing their satisfaction and positively impacting their loyalty. Also, it allows the new clients to approach the brand with less uncertainty and with a distinctively positive first impression.

Yotpo is available under all eCommerce platforms, and the quick integrations are available for all the leading options on the market. This greatly reduces the costs of implementing such a solution and allows fast and efficient integration and extremely short go to market times. Also, there are integrations to major CRM and marketing platforms available (Hub Spot, Sales Force, etc.) which allows including UGC into already existing systems without any additional effort. 

Further benefits are best seen through the partnerships Yotpo has established with the leading marketing and social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram and Google. It allows full integration and complete functionality across all of the mentioned platforms from a single spot, and greatly reduces time and funds consumption for managing all of these channels in terms of the UGC.

The company is well established, and currently employs over 300 people across the globe. The recent funding round collected over $50 million of investment and it is a solid guarantee that the level of service will further increase and provide the Yotpo clients with new features which will further improve the profitability and reliability of businesses using this platform.

Yotpo is equally suitable for smaller and start-up businesses and for the well-established enterprise level companies. Some of the clients using Yotpo as their UGC platform of choice include: Away Travel, Ensurance, Tile, Everlast, GoPro, Staples, and many more.

What this means for the Studioworx clientele?

Through the partnership with Yotpo, we will be able to offer upgrades to your current websites and include user generated content as a part of the customer experience on your websites. This will empower you to get the access to the completely new set of user generated content that includes not only ratings and reviews, but also graphic and video elements. Furthermore, it would allow you to create a direct interaction with every customer, and respond to all of their queries, objections, or issues they might have with your brand. This always results in a great positive change in perception of your brand and allows your business to remedy the issues along the way, demonstrating your determination to provide the best customer experience possible.

If you would like to learn more about Yotpo and what they have to offer, feel free to contact us at any time, and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions, set up a meeting with their experts, and help you integrate and run their solution within your online business.

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