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Studioworx and PureClarity start a new partnership

Studioworx partners up with PureClarity to bring a topp class AI based eCommerce personalisation to its customers! Read all about it!

Studioworx and PureClarity start a new partnership

One of the most important pieces of the eCommerce puzzle is personalization. It allows you to provide your potential customers with a unique shopping experience that is specially tailored for them, and that tends to generate a huge increase in turnover, revenue, and profitability of your business.

We at Studioworx are more than aware of this fact, so we decided to bring this option closer to our clients. The way to do this is through our newly established partnership with PureClarity, one of the leaders in the field of eCommerce personalization.

PureClarity is an AI-based eCommerce personalization platform that provides a myriad of options for a truly personalized shopping experience, both on the website, and within email campaigns.

It was an obvious option and a perfect fit for Studioworx operations for several reasons. First of all, the features provided by PureClarity are ideally suited for the clients using Studioworx services. They add to the overall approach of providing a seamless and top-quality user experience to the shoppers, with a single aim of producing customer satisfaction that will provide a long-term relationship between them and the vendors.

Furthermore, as a white-label, platform-agnostic agency, Studioworx had a need for partnering with a solution that is easy to implement under any eCommerce platform, as well as into any bespoke solution. PureClarity has active integrations with all of the major eCommerce platforms and as such answers all the needs in this segment.

As the partnership agreement has been signed and confirmed, it means that the clients using Studioworx services will have PureClarity as an option for their advanced personalization operations at any point in the future. The services will be available under any eCommerce platform and within bespoke solutions developed by Studioworx if demanded.

The end result of such an approach will be online stores that are fully prepared to answer the challenges of the modern market and provide customer experience at the highest possible level.

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