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Studioworx and Coolshop become partners

Studioworx partners up with Coolshop Marketplace to improve customer reach across Europe.

Studioworx and Coolshop become partners

Studioworx decided to expand the access to the marketplaces for our customers through the partnership with Coolshop. This move will allow our clients to easily and seamlessly connect with the UK, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish markets and expand their operations using one of the leading marketplaces in Scandinavia.

Coolshop was founded in Denmark back in 2003, and it has been growing ever since to become a leading marketplace in Scandinavian countries. Nowadays, it records almost 7 million visitors per year, has a database with over 270 thousand email subscribers, and represents one of the best marketplace options in that region.

Coolshop is continuously growing in terms of numbers of retailers using it, sales made, as well as the options they provide and territories they cover. Nowadays they have stepped out of the Scandinavian regions, and they offer their services in the UK, Germany, and Netherlands as well. Also, they are constantly expanding the categories they cover, and are suitable for more and more retailers to use them as a channel for their operations. A strong focus for Coolshop is to list the best brands and products available in the market, to keep up the quality. 

Integrating Coolshop into your main eCommerce frame is rather easy and inexpensive, as they have connectors for most of the leading eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce and many others. It means that you will be able to integrate Coolshop Marketplace operations into your existing operations seamlessly and without a need for significant investments, both in financial and working hour’s terms. Finally, the unique architecture of this marketplace allows you to list in all available countries with a single data entry task, which greatly reduces the costs of setting up and maintaining your listings.

Through the partnership with Coolshop, we will enable our clients top expand their sales channels, and to grab a piece of the market that was off limits thus far. Thanks to the special arrangements between two companies, the integrations costs and ongoing fees will be lowered to provide you with the special opportunity to be more competitive and reach larger volumes of clients with minimal effort and minimal investments. Coolshop offers a unique deal for new clients – 3 months of free subscription, which will lower commissions in general for all orders.

If you wish to have a discussion on the opportunities Coolshop could provide to your business, feel free to give us a call and we will organise a meeting with their representatives.

We hope this new partnership will prove to be one of the best moves we’ve made this year, as it will open a whole new segment where our clients will be able to place themselves on a market that was completely off limits thus far.

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