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Square Invoices app launched in the UK

Square Invoices app becomes available in the UK. Read what it means for you and your business!

Square Invoices app launched in the UK

Square has just launched its new mobile app for invoicing in the UK. This newest addition will allow you to send both one time and reoccurring invoices that look neat and sleek and that have all the features to cover any invoicing scenario that might be required.

This is important due to the fact that the majority of small businesses in the UK have significant concerns about invoicing and getting paid, as the latest researches show. Some 43% of the small business owners have said that timely invoicing and ensuring they get paid is the primary concern for their business. Also, a lot of these companies have the staff that at least in some part is not working from the office, and this app will perfectly cover the gap that has been created due to this factor.

The new app has the ability to include a detailed statement of works into it, which is perfect for many professionals that need those in order to fill in their paperwork properly. 

Since the desktop version of Square Invoicing is recording some 50% of the invoices being paid on the same day when issued, the app is just a perfect addition to their package, as it allows easy and effective invoicing wherever you are.

On a global scale, Square Invoices have already processed over $13 billion up to date. The app is available exclusively in the most developed markets, and it includes the US, Japan, UK, Canada, and Australia at this point of time. The download is available via Google Play and Apple.

It is expected that this will quickly become one of the most popular apps in its class in the UK as the market offer is rather slim in that sector and the need for such an app is ever increasing. In any case, it will be a fine and very useful addition to all small businesses, providing them a perfect tool to cover their invoicing on the go, and with reliable results.

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