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Quatropi Builds Website Using Magento

Quatropi, recently had their website refurbished using Magento, built by Studioworx. The company has undergone a massive change of their website

Quatropi Builds Website Using Magento

Quatropi, is luxury family business that puts people at the heart of their company, whether it be customers, staff and suppliers. They offer a wide range of luxurious furniture ware, to help make houses feel more like homes. The company recently had their website refurbished using Magento, built by Studioworx. The company has undergone a massive change of their website, making it more user friendly, easily to use, with a professional layout. Now providing their customers a fresh and modern experience, one that coincides with their brand values. With the look of the website now being contemporary, and trendy it also comes with improves speed, stability and safety & security.

Some of the features that the company has undergone is now a AI assisted search, where anything that customer wants to find will be found. Also, the customers can view whether the stock is available or not. Customers can view their products better with better imagery. Quatropi also has helpful tags to the product menus. Which help with stock levels and identifies which products are on sale and which are not. With the seamless UX, enhanced filter options which helps with easy navigations of products, personalised shopping (where customers are able to build their own table or sofa and or other household furniture), better available dates (where if products are out of stock, customers can now be alerted when it is back in stock with one simple button), and option of online credit application, customers can have an easy, pleasant and seamless shopping experience.

Quatropi using Magento will make a positive impact on other business, as their goal is people (where they value anyone and everyone who wants to be part of the business, shop with business and is in contact with the business. Making it a wholesome and welcoming company to shop with and be part of. The company has achieved this through the help of Studioworx by making a site which is user friendly, looks good, and goes above and beyond shopping experience. Studioworx, who helped to design and build on this website has truly made it possible to achieve these goals. The designers have created a artistic, creative and useful design to enable customers to purchase necessities during this difficult period. The developers of Studioworx have also made it possible as they have taken the goals in place in order to make the user experience more seamless and easier. 

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