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PayPal appoints Allison Johnson as the new CMO

PayPal has appointed a new CMO, Allison Johnson, and this is the reason why!

PayPal appoints Allison Johnson as the new CMO

PayPal has experienced quite a turbulent year and their breakup with eBay urget the company to make some changes and invest additional effort in marketing, so they don’t lose the momentum and the position as one of the key players in online processing.

In order to keep the pace with the competition, they decided to appoint a new Chief Marketing Officer. The position was handed to Allison Johnson, and she will be reporting directly to the Dan Schulman, who is the CEO of the company. She has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and is regarded as one of the top talents in this sector.

When asked about her new appointment, she shared with the media that she feels extremely excited as she was one of the first believers when the company was just relatively small and insignificant, and that she sees this appointment as a positive challenge. She is adamant that her goal is to keep PayPal as one of the companies that will continue to define online payments, despite the changes that happened.

Dan Schulman was also very positive about this appointment. He reminded the representatives of the media that Allison Johnson is well known as one of the leading experts in marketing, and especially in brand identity building. The expectations are definitely high, and the company strives to retain their leading position amongst online payment platform. There is no doubt that she will be up to the challenge.

The future will show how this move will affect the already established brand, but it seems that the company is extremely healthy despite the changes that happened in 2018.

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