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On the Dot and L’OCCITANE join to battle Amazon

On the Dot and L'Occitane joined forces to put up a fight against Amazon. Read all about it here!

On the Dot and L’OCCITANE join to battle Amazon

It is well known that Amazon tends to dictate trends in almost every sector of retail. Their services became so powerful that the other retailers simply need to match those in order to have any chance of being competitive.

The latest news is that the Amazon decided to step up their game in the beauty and cosmetics category by launching their new range Find.Beauty. Of course, any major player in this niche will face a real challenge in matching the quality of service.

L’Occitane, one of the strongest companies in the beauty and cosmetics sector on a global scale, and one of the strongest ones in the UK just launched something that has the capability to match Amazon!

Namely, the trends show that the customers are always prone to ordering items if the delivery is available to their own home, even when they are shopping in physical stores. On the Dot has these capabilities, and this latest partnership between them and L’Occitane provides all the delivery options there are.

With this new addition, L’Occitane will be able to provide a true omnichannel eCommerce experience to their customers and parry Amazon in terms of delivery options. Since On the Dot has a very agile platform that provides multiple reports to the customers, it will bring customer satisfaction to the highest level.

The service is directly integrated into the L’Occitane eCommerce website and as such provides the most convenient and most agile service to the customers.

The future will show whether this push is enough to keep the position on the market, but it is clear that it will have some far-reaching consequences, as the other retailers in this niche will have to step up their game in order to remain competitive. The end result will be increased customer satisfaction, and that is never a bad thing.

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