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Omnichannel or not – what is the right approach?

Omnichannel approach in digital trade might be the right thing for you. Find out in what cases!

Omnichannel or not – what is the right approach?

Omnichannel approach to eCommerce is not a new thing, as it has been around for a few years already, but many retailers are still a bit confused about whether they need to follow that approach or they should stick to online and offline as separate channels. Many are even questioning whether one or the other channel is necessary at all.

The newest research conducted in the UK gives some definite answers that are able to help the retailers identify the right opportunities for themselves. 

When is having a physical store a must?

The research has shown that there are several groups of products that the Brits are not particularly keen of buying online. Bras hold a firm first place, as the customers have a need to actually try them on before purchasing. The second group is the cosmetics, and the third place is held by the perfumes. 

This shows a trend that the shoppers want to touch and feel the things that they will use on a daily basis, as the quality of the products can’t be assessed online.

Where is the online a preferred option?

Unsurprisingly, the adult toys are at the 1st place when it comes to the products Brits would be rather purchase online. The second place is held by the tech accessories, and the third is reserved for beauty tools.

This trend shows that the items that are tabooed and the product that have strict technical specifications listed are definitely easier to buy online.

The conclusion

The only logical conclusion is that the need for omnichannel depends on the product portfolio of a retailer. In order to be successful, each merchant needs to adapt their operations in order to give their products the best possible chance to reach customers in their preferred way. 

Given the fact that the portfolios of most merchants are comprised of the items that fall into both categories, the omnichannel approach stands out as the ultimate and universal solution.

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