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Making Waves in Magento: Web Design Trends 2022

The latest web design trends from leading Magento Design and Development agencies in 2022.

Making Waves in Magento: Web Design Trends 2022

Magento’s powerful open-source platform provides insight into the ever-changing world of web design trends.

Magento’s scalable and customizable architecture makes it one of the most used content management systems in the world. A popular tool for e-commerce creators in a range of different sectors, Magento 2 is a great window into the most effective and engaging web design features of 2022.

As an ecommerce platform, Magento is continually responding to the ever-evolving world of e-commerce. With new concepts and ideas being introduced all the time, it is important for retailers and Magento design agencies to understand what consumers are responding to as they shop. Dominant user patterns from all across the web can be observed through Magento stores, with this information painting a colourful and exciting picture of e-commerce today.

So, what insights can Magento e-commerce stores provide about contemporary web design? What will the online stores of 2022 look like? How will they feel? As a Magento web design agency, we like to stay on the cutting edge of design trends and help our customers do the same.


Immersion, personalisation and aesthetics

In the past, web design has been about responsive, adaptable and functional design. However, as mobile capabilities have become more sophisticated, there has been an increased focus on immersion, personalization and aesthetics. The most user-engaged platforms on Magento highlight just how these trends have changed the look and feel of e-commerce spaces.

Bold colour choices

E-commerce platforms of today are, first and foremost, characterized by bold colours and bright, gradient patterns. Following the resurgence of Y2K aesthetics in popular culture, it comes as no surprise that online retailers are choosing bright, brash and enticing colour schemes that match the sensibilities of young consumers. With broad aesthetic appeal, these colourful designs feel less serious, and more inviting, than traditional e-commerce sites.

Artful photography

These fun, bright online spaces are indicative of how e-commerce is becoming increasingly creative in its ideas and presentation. Magento web design agencies are using artful photography more and more frequently to help online retailers showcase their products in edgier, more inventive ways. The effective use of illustration, set designs and diverse model casting has been shown to increase user engagement.

With enhanced abilities, Magento 2 helps designers create these on-trend visuals using 3D mapping and digital visualisation. These images can be seamlessly embedded by Magento’s store platform, giving customers the opportunity to view products in memorable and attractive ways.

Bringing back brutalism

On-trend aesthetics have become an important asset for e-commerce platforms looking to sell products in more ‘fashionable’ sectors. An effective combination of colour, artful photography and brutalist design has become increasingly valuable to retailers using Magento over the last year, as consumers respond to designs that are both optically exciting and visually intuitive.

Brutalist designs are structurally useful, with clear, straight lines drawing the eye and directing consumers quickly to the product or service they require. Combining the high-art feel of more stylised web design with functionality has been particularly successful for luxury brands using Magento.

Engaging the user

Magento’s ability to tap into the zeitgeist has also helped it create a variety of more informal spaces for consumers to come and shop in. These changes are in sync with the post-pandemic trend of corporate casualization, which saw companies interacting with its consumers in a more relatable way.

Customisation and personalization

This is just one approach taken by designers who are using Magento to individualize the e-commerce experience. With numerous personalization features, Magento platforms can also restructure themselves to include larger and more prominent design elements, based on the consumer’s age, habits and visual capability.

Inclusivity is of course incredibly important for designers working with Magento. The platforms need to be malleable, so that customers with limited colour ranges, or decreased sight, can enjoy a seamless user experience.

Moving images

Another really effective way of creating an enticing and accessible space is video integration. An incredibly popular trend throughout 2022, videos are becoming increasingly valuable to e-commerce websites, as a quick way of engaging consumers and summarizing the brand experience.

Videos are also effective multimedia resources. They are an easy way of incorporating sound design and music into an e-commerce space. Audio capabilities also mean that consumers don’t have to dedicate time and energy to reading large amounts of text, making the whole experience faster, simpler and more openly accessible. In-keeping with web design trends that embrace creativity and artistry, short films have become one of Magento’s most popular consumer engagement tools.

Reviews and testimonials

Increasingly, the user experience is being given a voice on e-commerce platforms. With some recent surveys indicating that more than 80 percent of consumers consider reviews an important resource for online shopping, it comes as no surprise that almost every Magento e-commerce platform includes a space for testimonials and customer feedback.

Reviews create an internal dialogue between consumers of the same brand. Giving users a space to interact directly with one another provides e-commerce platforms with a sense of transparency, which, according to Magento’s agency trends, increases the likelihood of repeat custom.


Two-way engagement has become so popular on Magento’s e-commerce platforms that it has led to the rise of micro interactions. These small moments of animation are prompted into action by user input; for example, you can hover over a certain section of a website, and that heading will change colour, or move to display a relevant image. Micro interactions are popular because they offer Magento’s designers lot of freedom to create new dialogues with users, in the same novel and informal way as other contemporary trends. 

The future of Magento web design

Whilst specific style influences will continue to grow and evolve, it is clear that e-commerce trends are, at their core, influenced by user engagement. As an agency, Magento understands the ever-increasing role that online retail platforms are playing in people’s lives. It is important to match user’s style and tone, whilst also providing them with an open, accessible and visually pleasing space to engage with the brands they love.

The future of web design will no doubt continue to become more intuitive and personalized, as consumers take on a more active role in the world of e-commerce. As it continues to be the most widely used platform for designers in the online retail sector, Magento will no doubt stay at the epicentre of this exciting, ever-growing virtual space.

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