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Magento brings native support for Amazon

Magento develops native support for Amazon sellers. Check out how!

Magento brings native support for Amazon

In the past few years Amazon has been constantly growing, and as a result, more and more merchants are including this marketplace in their overall eCommerce strategy. As the growth is expected to continue, Magento decided to carry out the poll amongst their clients and determine how many of them see Amazon as the major sales channel.

The poll has revealed that a staggering 92% of them not only see it as an import5ant channel, but they also intend to increase their operations on that marketplace.

It required a swift reaction, although it was possible to connect to Amazon via Magento, but only using 3rd party services. The response was pretty much as expected – Magento decided to include the native support for Amazon, which will enable their clients to sell there without any 3rd party services involved.

The new features are expected to become live later in 2018, for the users who are running their operations on Magento 2 platform. This update will allow all merchants running their operations on Magento 2 to connect and list on Amazon absolutely seamlessly, and it is expected that this upgrade will result in increased sales and reduced costs for running this channel. 

These new features will include product distribution benefits such as:

Ability to use Amazon catalogue data to increase the efficiency of standard store fronts via advanced navigation, filters, search rules, and promotions.

Seamlessly match the products listed on Amazon across EMEA, APAC, and US markets.

Apply the advanced marketing tools to increase the sales urgency across Amazon markets, and increase sales.

Get the access to the centralized OMS that deals with all aspects of the trade across all channels from a single spot, thus reducing the possibility of mistakes to the minimum.

In terms of pricing strategy, the new features will bring:

A complete access to the competitor’s pricing strategies, as well as to the tools needed to increase product visibility and sales.

Custom tools for repricing and the ability to stay competitive at all times.

Ability to use marketing tools in order to increase sales and improve listings.

CEO of Magento, Mark Lavelle thinks that this new update will give the unique opportunity for many merchants to expose their brands to the majority of customers worldwide, as the starting point of most of the queries online is exactly on Amazon and other marketplaces. By incorporating the Amazon native support, Magento will grant their users the opportunity to be present there without any further investments, and in a seamless way.

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