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How to write articles about the products
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How to write articles about the products you sell

Sometimes, customers may want to know more about a product than through its on-site description, and writing about them through other mediums can actually help to increase their sales as you appeal indirectly to the customer. These can be an important form of marketing if the articles are published on third party websites and what’s more, this can be a good and quick way to clear items you may have a large amount of stock of. Here’s a few simple ways to showcase your products.

Think of the positives of your items
When writing anything about your products or services you must be sure to highlight their positive features clearly. These might not just include the basics of your product, but also how they can improve the purchaser’s life. Think of it as offering an experience instead of a product. Let’s say you sell an alarm clock, instead of just pointing out its settings, you should consider how it will help the buyer not to miss the train that morning, or the pleasure they can have in hitting the snooze button on a day off.

What are your best-selling goods?
If your company was founded over the creation of one product, remember to highlight that, and how its benefits have stood the test of time. Your best-selling products are the reason that customers are attracted to your company, so although they may be somewhat selling themselves, it’s important not to forget about them. Consider backing up your claims with product reviews or customer testimonies as these can help to influence potential buyers.

Do you have a theme?
It’s important to remain up-to-date when writing about your products or services, and one simple way to do this is to consider current events. Christmas is an obvious time for this, but think about other events such as bank holidays or the seasons in which different products you offer may be more suitable or timely. You could offer advice on how buyers can refresh their home for spring for example, or share how your products are beach-holiday essentials.

Explain your product
Highlighting what is good about your item may seem like an obvious point, but if you choose to write in a less-sales orientated ‘how to’ guide it can have a great impact on potential customers. If you were a mobile phone seller for example, writing about how to use the device’s photo-editing software to make the most of your holiday snaps and subsequently how to share them via email or social media not only showcases your product, but makes the customer feel involved with the item.

Other important tips
Remember not to use clichés, or be so over-the-top with enthusiasm that customers will lose trust. You need to offer some form of value in the article, so be sure to stay key to that throughout – remember that it needs to do more than the product description. Also, don’t forget to remain true to your brand, avoid using words or lingo that you wouldn’t include on any of your own material or you’ll make customers feel confused.

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