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How to Write a Great Product Description

How to write an Ecommerce product description that entices customers to buy and boosts SEO. Read now.

How to Write a Great Product Description

A well written eCommerce product description can be the most powerful selling tool that you have, not only because it will entice customers to buy but it can increase your visibility on search engines, getting new customers to visit your online shop.

The mistake a lot of online shop owners make is that they simply describe the product they’re selling, which is not what customers or Google wants!

From a customer perspective, a product description needs to be engaging and you need to demonstrate the product’s value to entice them to hit that magical “add to cart” button.

From Google’s perspective, it wants you to put enough good quality information and copy in there that match what customers are searching for so it can rank you highly.

Here are our top tips on how to write a great product description in 2022.

Don’t Copy the Manufacturer - Write it yourself!

Many businesses just reuse the manufacturer's product description which is practical and gives all of the information a customer needs, but is often boring and unlikely to convert.

More importantly, however, it's likely the manufacturer and your competitors will have the exact same product description which Google will see as duplicate or even plagiarised content, thus damaging your search engine rankings.

Adding your own brand personality, style and flair will also make you look human and relatable to your customers and therefore more likely to get the sale.

Think about your Target Audience

Who is this product for?

It could be for a specific age or gender, it could be aimed at a life event like moving house or getting married, it could be the kind of product people buy for themselves or as a gift.

All of these are important considerations as they’ll play a part in how you write a product description with talking to the customer in mind.

What are the product details?

Think about the basic features of a product… the information your customer really needs to know.

You’ll want to make sure that essential information such as brand, size, colour, shape, materials, care information or allergens are clearly in your product description.

Product details are almost always going to act as keywords when customers are searching for a specific product in a specific colour or size.

When and Where should your Product be Used?

Customers will be searching for and will want to know in what situations your product is to be used.

Whether it’s seasonal for Christmas, an item of clothing that’s designed to be worn at a fancy dinner or if it’s designed for outdoor or indoor use.

And even if usage is obvious to you, don’t assume the customer also knows this!

Think about WHY your customers should buy it?

So you’ve got the features together, but features alone might not be enough to sell your product if there are hundreds like them out there.

This is where benefits come in… this is your chance to note anything special about the product and how purchasing it will benefit the customer and how it’s better than the competition.

Decide on a Format & Bring it Together

Now you’ve got the basics of who, what, why, where and when, you need to decide on a format for your product description.

Some of our top tips and best practices are:

Split it into sections

Nobody wants to read an essay unless it’s entirely necessary. Short sentences, and short paragraphs are scannable and easy to read.

Tell a story

Use the information you’ve gathered about your product and your customers to tell a story and describe the features as well as the situations in which having this product might benefit them.

Utilise Bullet Points

Bullet points are an ideal way to show off product benefits and features in a bitesize and impactful way.

For example, if you’re selling a consumable product like face cream, here would be ideal to list the benefits it has to your skin.

In Conclusion

The tips we’ve given you on how to write a great product description for your eCommerce website will work for most brands and products as it’s easy for both Google and your customer to read.

Giving your customer all of the information, without it sounding like you’re trying to hard sell to them is what makes people want to buy, especially if they’ve stumbled on your product accidentally.

Whereas talking to your customer from a human perspective, whilst hitting all of the keywords that Google will recognise users searching for will help you climb the rankings and really compete.

In all, there’s so much eCommerce competition in 2022 so your product descriptions really need to stand out, but it’s important not to overthink it!

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