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How an eBay shop and listing template
can improve your sales

How an eBay shop and listing template can improve your sales

Although you may sell your products directly from your eCommerce site, it’s important not to forget about marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. The volumes of traffic to these sites is huge, and being able to jump on the back of such a prevalent platform is something definitely worth the extra effort. What’s more, popular search engines search the site every day which means your product has a better chance of appearing higher on rankings.

Being on eBay means you are not targeting just your local area or specific target audience, but instead the entire internet shopping population. To make your brand look professional choose to have a ‘store’ on eBay, this will also mean you can make the most of any marketing strategies you put in place. Having a store also means your items will be accessible on the traditional eBay search navigation and directly from your own store navigation providing more exposure to your items. It also gives a greater sense of trust to the customer as you appear to be more reputable and established, meaning they are more likely to buy from you.

One of the key things to do when setting up your store is to make sure it remains true to your brand. Make sure your logo and imagery is the same, and your product descriptions are in line with what you have on your own eCommerce site. This means that if customers are interested in buying from you again, or finding out more information they may choose to do so from your own site, as it feels familiar to their previous purchasing experience. Although you are slightly more limited in design when setting up an eBay store, it is still a very important factor that needs to be well considered.

Another important factor to remember is not to forget the importance of content on your eBay store. Providing helpful hints and tips can go a long way in persuading customers to buy from you, and writing a good eBay listing title lies almost in parallel with a lot of SEO tips on page titles and keywords – which could ultimately improve not just your listings but your SEO understanding as a whole.

Don’t forget to include all the essential information you would expect to see on any online shopping site, including delivery information and contact details. Don’t just assume customers understand the checkout process and provide call to actions in the listings to give customers guidance. You want to cross every box to persuade new and veteran eBay customers to buy from you. A good listing would include multiple pictures of each item, full product description, delivery information and returns policy.

Other important things to remember are to add back-links to your eBay shop in content on your own eCommerce site, and on your ‘About Me’ page on eBay to improve your backlink profile, and consider creating a feed file which would allow shopping functions of search engines to list your eBay products on their tabs. If you do all of these tips, you’re bound to have another successful platform in no time.

If you are unsure about eBay store design or require some consultation advice, why not make the whole process that extra bit easier and let us help your business thrive on eBay? We’ve had over 10 years working on the eBay platform, and can provide extensive functionality and fully responsive design solutions. We can handle the store and listing design, implementation and test everything to make sure it is working. This will help to ensure a cost-effective launch of your brand and products on eBay.

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