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Heinnie Haynes launches on Big Commerce

Heinnie Haynes launches on Big Commerce

Heinnie Haynes is a large corporation that supplies knives, watches, apparels and other adventurous tools. They began in the year 1995 being the collector of knives, to which all enthusiasts wanted. Soon after the company began to broaden their brand, providing not only knives but clothing, flashlights, survival accessories and more. Operating for 24 years the company has seen massive growth and wish to do more. They have over half a million turnovers with a respectable 5* rating from Trustpilot and other sources.

Early September Heinnie Haynes announced their new implementation on their website due to a successful year in 2020. They wanted to improve their user experience. Wanting a cleaner layout and faster loading time, with easy navigation. After a number of months to complete, the new website was now pushed live in September.  Heinnie Haynes used Studioworx, BigCommerce with building their newly refurbished website created and designed by Studioworx. They have a fully customised stock management system, with implemented API calls. The first initial step when building the website was the design concept.

Heinnie Haynes wanted something that represents them but modern also. They wanted a user-friendly website with the ability to clearly understand their range of products. They wanted to include their blog, certain brands that they also have connections with, their best sellers.  Heinnie Haynes wanted a similar feel to their previous website however they wanted it to be more modern and an overall improvement. They wanted the aesthetics and feel to be an experience that the customers couldn’t tear away from. The homepage of the website includes its product ranges which are easier to browse through and have managed to uphold their lustrous and calm layout.

Another improvement of the website created by Studioworx is the vast improvement in their product navigation, which they have made easier for customers. Customers can now find their desired products within seconds. As a whole, Heinnie Haynes is now becoming one of the leading industries in online knives and apparel, with the proud Welsh symbolism at heart. In conjunction with its new website, the company has also introduced a new product which features the Fox brand, True Utility, Maxpedition, with more. The relaunch of their new website now provides a place where the adventure can now begin. Even during the lockdown, the company has managed to maintain exceptional standards to its customers with help from Studioworx. Thanks to Studioworx, the company can now progress further.

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