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Harnessing the power of Google Performance Max

What is the new Google Performance MAX Campaign and how can you use it to improve sales for your business?

Harnessing the power of Google Performance Max

The long-awaited Google Performance Max is changing the game for online retailers by creating unified advertising campaigns that are available across all Google platforms.

Google is where the world goes to search, shop and connect. With highly-popular platforms such as Search, Gmail, YouTube and more, the company has an amazing ability to reach consumers all across the world and gather billions of data points about each and every one of us. What if you could promote your products in all these spaces without having to manage the campaigns? Google Performance Max ad campaigns are ready to make this a reality.

What makes Google Performance Max different?

The main difference between the all-new Performance Max tool and other Google ad campaigns is that Performance Max is fully automated. The campaign is made available across all Google platforms, with technology that allows it to target the right consumers for your business based on information you provide. The tool then uses a combination of headlines, images, text and video to generate slick, strategically placed campaigns for your brand. 

Google Performance Max: a new era for online advertising 

Google Performance Max campaigns mark the beginning of a new chapter in online retail. Yes, you might feel like you should have more control over the process. However the tool is proven to be both advanced and reliable, with emerging trends suggesting that you could get more sales for less money with Performance Max. What’s more, the automated nature of the tool means that it requires much less management once it’s up-and-running, so you can spend time on high-level strategy.

This revolutionary form of advertising campaign is also incredibly versatile, meaning it can adapt to the needs of all kinds of business owners. Whether or not you manage your own Google advertising, Google Performance Max can be a powerful tool in reaching new customers and getting ahead of the competition. 

Make Google Performance Max work for you

To make Google Performance Max work as hard as it can for your business, you need to feed lots of relevant information into it. For example, you can include product data files, audience signals (such as customer interests and demographics), and high-quality text, images and videos to help your Performance Max campaign reach its full potential. 

Once you’ve set your Google Performance Max Campaign up with a product feed, your products will be displayed across all Google properties. This is the basic function of Performance Max, but the tool can be made even more effective if you are willing to go the extra mile and provide or create some additional content for it to work with. This could be anything from some snappy text to a high-resolution image, although with the way Google Performance Max functions, videos should be your main priority. 

Videos are proven to be a really useful tool for engaging audiences, and Performance Max campaigns take full advantage of this. You can leverage the tool’s video capabilities by creating short clips about your business. Some of the most successful Performance Max campaigns use videos to showcase their products, or user-generated content associated with their brand.

Advertising with Ai

With the resources you provide it, Performance Max will generate custom advertising content for you, seamlessly embedding your pictures, videos and copy across all Google platforms. 

Google Performance Max relies heavily on artificial intelligence to target advertising campaigns to the right consumers. This means that it is entirely driven by the data and information you provide it with. To make the most of the tool, it’s best to feed as much information and media into it as you can; after all, the more content you create, the more diverse and expansive your campaign will be.

Google Performance Max is new: get it while it’s hot

Google Performance Max is a brand-new feature, and to make the most of it, online retailers should get to grips with it sooner rather than later. When a major platform such as Google releases a new advertising tool, it will be looking to extend its reach as far as possible. This means collecting plenty of data to make sure people are using it effectively. 

So in order to keep reaping the rewards of a Performance Max campaign, the time to act is now. The tool uses advanced Ai technology, meaning that advertisers no longer need to make all the decisions about where and how their product is made visible. It’s all about making sure Performance Max has the right information on your brand, and then it can find the customers for you. 

New avenues for exploration 

With Google Performance Max changing the way online advertising works, it has opened up plenty of potential new areas of opportunity for online retailers and marketers. 

Since the tool is automated, it takes a lot of the leg work out of maintaining an advertising campaign. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to continually improve and optimize your Performance Max campaign. 

Marketers now have time to really focus on elevating their business assets. That means paying closer attention to product feed, marketing content and how the company presents itself on Google’s My Business platform. 

Investing time in these things will serve to enhance the power of your Google Performance Max campaign. Other areas of focus to support Performance Max could be market research, looking at the kinds of messaging your target audience responds to, and user experience, considering how you want users to interact with your adverts. 

Even though Google Performance Max is able to effectively automate widespread advertising campaigns, those campaigns are still what you make them. 

If you’re looking to try Google Performance Max out for your business, and want to make the most of this innovative new tool, get in touch with our PPC team.

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