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Get a Christmas Bonus with eBay`s Promoted Listings

EBay`s promoted listings take listings a step further, by putting your product in front of people`s eyes, giving you the chance to boost your Christmas sales at less than PPC

Get a Christmas Bonus with eBay`s Promoted Listings

In the world of online sales and e-commerce, one of the biggest problems that businesses can face is getting their products seen by potential buyers. The internet is a big place, and you are effectively in competition with the whole world, so it can get pretty crowded in that marketplace. A lot of online marketing is about coming top of search results and people being able to find you, rather than the other way around. With eBay`s promoted listings, however, this can change.

One of the benefits of eBay is that it is well-known and well trusted meaning that people will often turn to eBay listings when they are looking for a specific product. But how in the internet world can businesses get their product in front of people`s eyes without them having to search for it? One answer is pay per click – or PPC, where businesses bid for their adverts to come up under search results. The business only pays when a person clicks on their advert, meaning that they are not wasting vast amounts of money. This gives businesses the chance to test what adverts and keywords are most effective and change them accordingly but does mean that they are paying for an advert (or `click`) even if no sale is made.

If you have a business on eBay, there is another solution – eBay promoted listings. In addition to your `normal` listings on eBay, you can add promoted listings. These are adverts which will improve your product exposure on eBay by putting them right in front of people. The good thing about these adverts is that your business only pays when a sale is made, so you will never lose money on these.

Boosting Sales on eBay
The promoted listing function works by putting your specific products in front of consumers who are searching for those specific products It is one of the most important areas of eBay marketing and one of the best ways to create a better product visibility on eBay.

The Benefits of Promoted Listings
In addition to the fact that you are getting your products seen by the people who are looking for them, potentially improving the possibility of making a sale, the promoted listings function also has other benefits.

They are excellent for general marketing on eBay and getting your brand seen – as even if a sale isn`t made, your branding will be seen. They can also promote traffic to your products, boosting your new item rankings, and even if people don`t buy them straight away, you can make your products seen.

With eBay promoted listings you are in complete control, can set ad rates, start, stop or change your adverts whenever you choose, and payment is easy as it appears on your invoice for each item that is sold. You will get a detailed analysis meaning that you can see what aspects of your campaign are and are not working. 

How to use Promoted Listings
There are a number of strategies to think about so that the promoted listings function to work well for you.
  • Carefully choose the products which you are going to promote. Choose the products which you think would benefit best from the extra exposure and traffic. For example, you might want to use it for new products, seasonal items or your most popular items.
  • Keep updated with your promoted listings dashboard so that you can test new strategies. By changing one thing at a time, all the time you can keep improving the effectiveness of your adverts.
  • Try to keep your campaigns targeted according to the time of year, so promote your special Christmas, summer, Halloween, Mother`s Day products. With targeted and inspired campaigns, you can boost your sales and inspire people to buy your products.
  • Make sure that the ad rate that you set is competitive as it can affect the chances of your ad being seen. If you are an Anchor Store subscriber, you can get a $25 credit every quarter, so make sure that you make the most of this. It is worth remembering, however that it isn`t just the ad rate that determines whether the ad will appear. It is also decided on the product`s relevancy and how well the item is selling at the time.

There are a number of different places where your ad might appear:

  • On both mobile and desktops search results
  • On the top placement of search results
  • Premium placements on the view item page

They will appear only on the site that you are registered to – for example, if you are registered to the British site, your promoted ad will only appear on the British eBay site, likewise with Australia or Germany.

Your Listing
Make sure that you follow the rules about what makes a good ad listing as the promoted listings take information directly from your product listings information.

Your items should be:

  • Divided and sorted into the right categories and sub categories
  • With a high quality main photo with a clear background
  • Including keywords in the title to make it easily searchable
  • Including product indicators, for example, branding and UPC etc.

Promoted listings are an excellent way to be a little more pro-active in your marketing but allowing you to choose the items that you want people to see. It is easy to set up especially if you are properly set up on eBay and includes no extra costs for you or your business as you only pay when the sale has been done.

If you have any questions about how to use eBay for your business, creating, using and improving promoted listings, or need help with your business`s web design and digital marketing, get in touch with Studioworx either via email ([email protected]), telephone +44 (0)1603 274285 or the website (

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