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Ecommerce Strategy Satellite Navigation

As intensive as setting up an ecommerce store is, one shouldn’t rest on their laurels once those roots have taken hold and begun to establish themselves. No, what you need to do next is explore!

Ecommerce Strategy Satellite Navigation

As intensive as setting up an ecommerce store is, one shouldn’t rest on their laurels once those roots have taken hold and begun to establish themselves. No, what you need to do next is explore!

So, dig out your compass and unfold that dusty road atlas from 1996; there’s a marketing adventure awaiting you. Now, if you’re unsure to which marketing strategy to employ, as you don’t want to end up getting lost or ploughing all you efforts down a one way street for it only to be a dead end, we have a more modern solution…

Introducing the ‘Ecommerce Strategy Satellite Navigation’ or ESSN for short.
It’s fairly simple, you just have to follow some simple directions and be sure to take the full tour. If not, and you opt to just go down one street, you won’t make it to your destination. You have to follow the entire route to reach your goal.

Due to the fact that your store will be accessible via search engines, it’d be wise to start out here:

SEO Strategy High Street.

Here you will have to journey along at a steady pace before you see any real results. Be patient, it is worth your while dedicating some time and energy down this street, in order to absorb it all and implement it successfully.

One of the first things you’ll notice here is the On Page Optimisation Tower. It’s a tower because it’s big and hugely important. Make sure you venture up it, in terms of making sure titles, headings, tagging of images and key word content are all correct before you wander any further down the SEO Strategy High Street.

Further along the line you’ll find Link Building Boulevard. This is somewhere you should definitely check out. It’s simple yet a major contributor in the SEO game. By building relevant links form directories and resource pages makes for a clean link profile without suspicion.

Don’t ignore the Guest Posting Wall. Although it has been around a very long time, and is unmistakeable on any ecommerce site, its relevance will become prominent, and even more significant, once you begin to appreciate that it’s one of the best ways to secure a good contextual link.

PPC Valley
Once you reach the summit, you’ll revel in its wonder and be astounded at how it can help the overall performance of your business.
One option is to venture down AdWords Avenue as a quick fire way to get your business off the ground by directing targeted traffic towards it. If managed well, budgets can prove wholesome and effective.

Product Listing Ads Park is a place where many people choose to display their products as an image much like a shop window. Costs are low and conversions high in this part of town.

Social Media Lane
Down Social Media Lane, you can expect to find Profile Plaza where the notorious Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will be prominent. But if you look a little further you’ll notice how Pinterest, Google+ and Snapchat are all forcing their way in to the mainstream and on to the high street. Each of these platforms help you to communicate regularly with your customers as well as creating brand awareness.

Once you’re established, Freebie Fairway is a suggested and vastly open space to explore, full of opportunities. Sponsored Ads and posts are a great way to make headway with impressions as well as capturing data whilst increasing visitors and followers.

Email Marking Meadow
Away from the hustle and bustle is a tried and tested technique which is arguably the most cost effective way of communicating with consumers. A meadow is pastureland suitable for grazing. If you can get your consumers to graze on your stock, you’re on to a winner. Therefore, the use of email marketing to constantly update and inform your customers is a sure fire way of harvesting your crops on a regular basis. 

You have reached your destination
The ESSN tour sounds fairly pleasant and quite simple because it is. If you can commit to doing it properly, and doing it well, you should begin to reap the rewards. Once you’ve completed the initial tour, no longer will your ecommerce store be so static and rooted to just one place, you will be branching out further than ever before, seeking new adventure strategies of your own!

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