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CMO Council Publishes Details about Customer Satisfaction

Speed, Flexibility, Knowledge: The three vital customer service aspects reveals CMO Council

CMO Council Publishes Details about Customer Satisfaction

A recent report from the CMO Council has revealed what the three most important aspects to customer service are to consumers. Without a shadow of a doubt, speed, flexibility and knowledge are what are being looked for increasingly by consumers - and creating a good customer experience is proving to be increasingly important in attracting and retaining customers.

The Survey

The survey which was carried out by the CMO council in conjunction with SAP Hybris, questioned 2000 people, half male and half female, and with half from the US and other other half from Canada and Europe.

The findings can be extremely useful to businesses, giving them the opportunity to understand what their customers want, tailor their service to them - and subsequently attract new customers and keep old ones.

Customer Service

With such a wide range of options available to consumers, customer service has never been more important. People are increasingly focused on having a good `buying` experience, and 47% of the respondents replied that they would stop doing business with a brand if they were frustrated continually, and 29% said that they would tell their family and friends if they had a bad experience.

Other findings in the survey reveal that:

* 52% felt that a fast response was a major factor in a good customer experience

* 47% stated that knowledgeable staff who were able to attend wherever or whenever they needed was also vital in a good customer experience

* 38% wanted a real person to speak to at any place or any time

* 38% also wanted brand or product information immediately and where they wanted.

Whilst consumers want a good online service, they are also expecting to have basics such as a web address, phone number - with a real, knowledgeable person on the end of it, and email address at their fingertips.

Customer Information

The survey also reveals a mixture in responses about customer information - with 36% of those who were asked being angry about not being recognised for their loyalty, whereas 23% said that they felt that they were being followed online.

This presents a problem for marketers - for knowledgeable staff - with regards to customers as well as products, there does need to be a certain about of information kept about customers.

Whilst the study shows the importance of customer service for businesses, it is important for them to focus specifically on their particular customers to ensure that they are providing the kind of customer experience that their customers are expecting. By creating the best customer experience possible, business marketers can expect to see the success of their business growing from strength to strength.

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