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Boosting your Brand on eBay

When it comes to the success of your business online, branding plays an integral role, so how can you boost your brand on eBay?

Boosting your Brand on eBay

For any business who operates fully or partly online, branding can be a major factor in its success. In fact, businesses who don`t pay particular attention to building a brand online will often find themselves behind their competitors in terms of the success.

For business who operate fully, or partially through eBay, it can be easy to forget about their branding, but actually, branding on eBay is straightforward and absolutely vital to your business`s success.

Why do you need to boost your branding on eBay?
As the way that we buy things is changing, so are the ways that businesses have to market themselves to consumers. Branding in marketplaces is increasingly important because it gives consumers the chance to see who they are buying from. And whilst there will of course be people who only want to buy the cheapest products consumers are increasingly taking an interest in where products come from and the businesses which are selling them.

This is why people who are running a business on eBay need to focus on their company`s branding – so that consumers can understand who they are considering buying from.

Successful Branding on eBay
For companies who are looking for business success on eBay, there are a number of ways that you can build a brand on eBay. Buy boosting your branding, creating your brand identity on eBay and really showing consumers who you are, you can set the way to making your business a real success.

Branding isn`t just about displaying your logo, it`s about creating your whole identity, which means that you have to take it though everything that you do – from the photos that you use, the colours and fonts and even the style of writing that you use.

So bearing this in mind, how can you boost your branding online and grow your business on eBay?

EBay Shop
Businesses can take advantage of having an eBay shop, meaning that they can create their own branding, virtual shop windows and have better communication with their customers. The idea of an eBay shop gives you the opportunity to really build your brand and stand out from the rest on eBay.

With an eBay shop you will get:
  • A unique URL
  • Discounted fees
  • Categories which you can customise
  • The ability to customise emails to customers
  • Create a personal eBay customer newsletter which you can invite your customers to sign up to
  • Have access to RSS feeds on search engines and price comparison sites to advice when you have new products available.
  • The ability to structure your shop according to what is best and most relevant to you and your customers. This is especially useful if you have products that don`t fit in well to the existing eBay categories.

An eBay shop is a great way to set your business apart from the others which are also on eBay, selling similar products. Here you can take people out of the eBay brand and into your own.

Your Brand and Reputation on eBay
If you are the brand owner, use your brand name as much as possible, and make sure that you always protect and promote your brand and reputation. This means sticking to what you say you are going to do, answering queries promptly and providing the best service that is possible. In the online world, reviews – especially bad ones – travel fast, so try to make sure that you won`t get any!

It is important to remember that every time that you interact with a customer, you are representing your brand, so keep it polite, professional but also well within your brand identity.

Make your business unique and well within its personality by using your own photos – don`t just use photos that you have found online, and write your own descriptions instead of copying them other sources.

EBay`s `Top Rated Sellers` are the best sellers in terms of customer service who are on eBay. The rewards are discounted fees and an increased exposure for businesses who run their business on eBay.

One of the best ways to promote your business is through word of mouth. People are much more likely to believe reviews from people who have had experience of your business, than your own propaganda. It is therefore in your best interests to make it easier for you to boost your business by giving ex-customers the chance to leave reviews and of course, potential customers see them.

Reviews can now appear automatically on listings – specifically those which have product identifiers in the eBay catalogue. By showing your reviews you can boost your brand identity and make yourself the business that consumers want to buy from.

After-Sale Branding on eBay
Once you have made the sale, it is important that your branding doesn`t stop there. Your customer services, packaging, even labelling should be carefully crafted to fit in with your unique company branding. You can also use eBay to communicate directly with your customers after they have bought something.
All of this doesn`t only strengthen your branding, but also boost your professionalism and increase the chances of your customers coming back to you.

For companies who use eBay to run all or some of their business, branding is absolutely central to the business`s success. By planning, constructing and maintaining your brand identity, and strengthening it over time, you can improve the likelihood of your businesses success through its dealings on eBay.

Branding is everything, especially in the online world, so making sure that you do it properly and thoroughly is essential.

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