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BigCommerce Integrates with Wish

BigCommerce Integrates with Wish

BigCommerce has upgraded their Channel Manager tool adding Wish. The Channel Manager tool enables merchants to integrate with various marketplaces to build revenue resilience. This tool allows merchants to select where they want their products to be listed this includes Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Google and Wish. Wish is one of the newest channels to integrate with BigCommerce. The marketplace has over 100 million active users monthly in over 100 countries. In addition to this, BigCommerce Merchants that sell on Wish can also use Deliver Inc, which is a two-day shipping program for marketplace sellers. BigCommerce merchants using Deliverr to fulfil Wish orders can place a tag on their listings on marketplace alerting shoppers to fast delivery times.

The updated Channel Manger tools enables merchants to, manager their channels across market places, advertising and store-point of sales within BigCommerce control panel. It also enables them to transfer product information which are in store to their catalogue on BigCommerce, which can then be fed across to their website. Merchants can also select the products they want to sell on their marketplace and or site, and can change the pricing by channel. Launch a advanced web app (PWA) shopfront in BigCommerce. A PWA is a set of design and technology standards that offers the look and feel of a mobile app, but in a mobile website. The technology tools several methods, for instance using a service worker, which is a script that web browsers frequently run in the background detached from a web page—to guarantee a fast-loading site. Running as a background permits the service worker to yield take on roles like caching website content and permitting the website to run efficiently Merchants can also use the updated tool to sell on various shopfronts. For instance, the tool could be used to add products to WordPress blog or another ecommerce site.

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