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BigCommerce gets funded with $64 million

BigCommerce raises another $64 million to invest into the platform development!

BigCommerce gets funded with $64 million

BigCommerce is one of the biggest and most popular SaaS eCommerce platforms today, and they just made another leap by raising $64 million of fresh investments. Goldman Sachs was behind the execution of this funding round, and a number of investors who have previously invested in this company did so this time as well. With this newest addition, the total amount of funding they raised reached $200 million.

BigCommerce has been growing steadily over the past few years, and with this latest financial injection it is to be expected that the growth will become even more rapid. At this moment, BigCommerce is a platform of choice for some 60.000 brands and retailers, and this number is constantly increasing.

This comes as a natural development, as the company has invested significantly in partnerships with some of the leading service providers in the industry, such as PayPal, but also thanks to the integration of the most important marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. The newly available funds will be most probably be invested into similar endeavours, and the final outcome can be only a positive one.

According to the Brent Bellm who is a CEO of BigCommerce, these presumptions are accurate. They plan to heavily invest in several segments, including technology and customer support, in order to provide their clients with a SaaS solution that will constantly keep pace with the demands of the market.

The general consensus is that the BigCommerce has already some serious features to offer, and that with the latest developments it will probably make another leap and impose itself as one of the absolute leaders on the market, especially in the segment of new retailers. The SaaS option they offer is often ideal for the initial phases of the eCommerce, and this yields quite positive results so far. 

Until now, the sales made via this platform surpassed the figure of $17 billion, and it looks like this is nowhere near their ceiling.

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