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Amazon Logistics launches new predictive tracking feature

Amazon Logistics launched a new predictive tracking feature in order to improve quality of their services.

Amazon Logistics launches new predictive tracking feature

Amazon was always known as one of the leaders in innovations when it comes to marketplaces and all services connected to selling via this channel. They managed yet again to impress and pioneer by introducing predictive delivery tracking to their system.

At the moment, this feature is available only to the customers using Amazon Logistics as their delivery method, and is not available for external couriers. 

Also, the feature pack at this moment does not provide estimates of delivery times, but it does provide all the necessary basic data such as the map with the position of the delivery vehicle and the number of packages to deliver before they reach the customer.

This allows much better time management on the customer’s side as it is possible to make an estimate of when the shipment will be delivered, so it is possible to determine the window in which the customer needs to be at home in order to receive the shipment. It is definitely an advantage, especially during the holiday season, as the people are more interested in going out of their homes instead of wasting time waiting for the delivery.

Another new feature is the ability to make on the fly changes to the delivery address. It allows you to change the destination even once the parcel has left and change it to a different address that is more convenient. It further decreases the need to stay at home, as it is possible to leave it to the neighbours or to change it to any other address where you have people you can depend on.

Finally, there is a quick survey sent out to the people using Amazon Logistics concerning this new predictive tracking feature. The people are asked how they feel about the new map tracking option, and there is also a question that allows suggestions on how the service could be further improved and enhanced.

All in all, the new system is expected to be well received as it definitely brings some handy features, although it still lacks the ability to give time estimates. 

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