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Amazon announces increase in FBA in the US for 2018

Amazon FBA prices will change in the US in February 2018. Learn all about it!

Amazon announces increase in FBA in the US for 2018

Amazon has just announced they will be changing their rates for Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) services in the United States starting from February 2018.

The changes will be implemented in order to adjust the pricings to follow the current market value trends, and as the result, at least two major changes will be enforced:

Change of fulfilment fees

Change in calculations related to dimensional weight

The new pricing models will be in effect starting from February 22nd.

Change in fulfilment fees

The major change in this segment will reflect in the fact that the new unified pricing model will be applied throughout the year. Until now, there were two standard pricing models, and they were applied each for the certain part of the year. From now on, the fees will be the same no matter which month is in question. The change means that the overall prices will be increased by a certain margin, and the merchants were given sufficient time to adapt to the change. Still, the increase is not expected to create major changes on the market as it is rather marginal in value per shipment.

Dimensional weight changes

The changes in calculations for dimensional weight will be applied as well. So far, the method used included dividing the volume by 166, and from now on the calculation will include dividing by 139.

The new method will be applied for all small, large, and medium items that are oversized, as well as for the large standard items that are up to 1 lb in weight.

Fulfilment by Amazon storage fees will remain the same at the moment, but the changes in that segment have been announced for 2018 as well. In the following months, the official statement on this issue will be published.

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