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5 Tips to build creative content quickly

5 Tips to build creative content quickly

Recent Google Panda algorithm updates have punished sites with thin or poor quality content making it more important than ever for your site to offer users more than just eCommerce, it needs to become a destination. Gone are the days where keyword stuffing was common place, search engines have become wise to this and will now punish sites with irrelevant content and an overload of keywords. So with all of this to content, how do you go about creating good quality content, without it taking up all of your time?

1. Set a strategy
Spend some time deciding on some themes for your content. If you are looking at creating a blog, consider what themes you would like to include. This makes it easier to plan content, if you already have a set structure which has an objective for that piece. For example, you might want to create a 'new in' article each month to promote new sales, and have an industry expert write a column each month for consumer engagement. Consider what keywords you might look to use within this structure too, but try to focus on 2 or 3 keywords per article. You'll also want to use 2 anchor links back to relevant products per article.

2. What's going on?
Engaging content is an area where brands have a great opportunity to get the attention of a new audience. Consider what is going on nationally and internationally, is it a 'national day'? Are there any new blockbusters out? Is the season changing? What's in trend? Are there any industry events? There's plenty of places where you can look for inspiration. If you have the time, its great to create a calendar a few months in advance to ensure you have ideas ahead of time.

3. Make it visual
If you have the time and money to spend, having a more visual aspect to your content can have a great effect. Videos, images and info-graphics are all content which can be both engaging and shared easily via social media. Remember when producing an info-graphic if you are looking to have it on your site, to produce it in a searchable text format which will give it SEO value.

4. Look at your competitors
Its good to keep a check of what your competitors are doing and ensuring that you are actually competing with them on a content level. Do they have any buyers guides you haven't yet produced? What pieces seem to work well for them in terms of sharing and engagement? Have they employed any blog advocates? However, remember not to duplicate this content, instead use it as inspiration.

5. Keep it simple!
Above all else, don't over complicate your content! Although it's important to be producing lengthy articles (recommended word count of 500 words for regular articles, 250 for more reactive pieces) you need to keep them concise and stick to one topic per article. If you find yourself thinking of different ideas whilst writing, note them down and produce follow up articles at a later date.

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