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£1 million business created from £500 – a story of a successful lad from Hull

Switch Electronics grew from a £500 startup to a £1 million yearly turnover business in just 7 years. This is their story!

£1 million business created from £500 – a story of a successful lad from Hull

Stories of success are everywhere around us, and the latest one comes from our own neighbourhood. It is a story of a strapping young entrepreneur from Hull who managed to start his own eCommerce business from home and in just a few years growing it to a £1 million company within just a few short years.

Ben Ewart started his company “Switch Electronics” when he was only 19, with a very small budget of only £500 at his disposal. The initial operations included only selling via eBay and ordering smaller amounts of electronic components directly from the manufacturers in China. Nowadays, 7 years later, Switch Electronics has 5 employees, a rather large warehouse in Sutton Fields in Hull, and a yearly turnover of £1 million. Also, the scope of operations changed, and the company is now selling on eBay, Amazon, but also through its own online store.

Determination and persistence

When asked about the background of his story and the advice he would have for the people interested in entrepreneurship, Ben remarked that it all falls down to ambition, determination, and grit.

Starting a business with just £500 and growing it to £1 million per annum operation was possible due to the fact that he went for it at a very early age. There were a few advantages of that approach, as he was able to keep its expenses low, and the pressure was not piling up at that time as much as it does in later years. He thinks that starting a business in the teenage years is not a bad thing at all and that it greatly contributed to his success.

From there, ambition, passion for business, and grittiness bore their fruits, and the success is not accidental at all.

In the future, Ben Ewart sees himself as a head of the company that makes a yearly turnover of £10 - £15 million, and expanding even further in terms of the warehouse capacity and staff on board. 

We at Studioworx are very proud that we took a part in this successful story, as Switch Electronics is one of our clients, trusting us with the design and development tasks for all their online sales channels. Amongst other tasks, we have developed their online outlet based on the Magento platform.

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