Reach as many customers as you can and seize every opportunity to engage them!

Marketing done right means a successful business! You need to use every channel possible to reach and engage new customers, as well as to re-engage the ones who have done business with you before!

In order to maximise the effects of your efforts, you need an experienced and knowledgeable marketing team that will know what strategy to use and when to use it! We at Studioworx have just what you need! Our marketing experts can help you with all facets of the marketing process, from strategizing to execution! We are able to use all the marketing channels that are required, and we are able to identify the ones that will give you the best chance to beat your competitors!

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Email promotions

Emails are just the perfect tools to reach new customers and reengage the existing ones. Email promotions are particularly effective in online selling business, and can create additional traction and additional revenue, as well as keep your customers constantly reminded of your brand! Our marketing team can help you with all steps of the email marketing campaign, from copy creation, to email design! We can also help you master the art of using email promotions by helping you identify the goals, the right way to create and send emails, as well as how to manage your email marketing campaigns!

Advantages of personalised email marketing campaigns:

  • Increased sales through promotions
  • Reaching new customers
  • Reengaging the current customer base
  • Increased brand awareness and brand reputation
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SEO & Adword Management

Search engines dictate your exposure to potential clients and customers, therefore managing SEO segment of your business is of a paramount importance for your success! If your business ranks near the top of the search results on terms relevant to your industry, you will have an inexhaustible influx of new opportunities to sell your goods or services.

Our team of SEO experts is always up to date with the latest changes and developments in this segment, and we are able to constantly provide you with the service that will give you the edge over your competitors, by ranking your website near or at the very top of search results on a number of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing...).

For immediate results and faster outreach, we are also fully capable of creating, managing, and updating your paid advertising campaigns using Google AdWords!

Printed Material

No marketing campaign is fully optimised and developed without the classic hard copy approach! Using business cards, leaflets, and brochures is simply mandatory, especially if your company attends events that provide sales and business development opportunities!

We can create those collaterals for you to fully translate the branding efforts you are making and to maximise the effects of direct and personal meetings with the potential clients, customers, and business partners.

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