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Designed, engineered and manufactured in Norfolk, Coldstream ceramic water filters provide clean, great-tasting, affordable drinking water on tap. Coldstream is popular in parts of the world where tap water is not safe to drink. As more of us in the UK begin to ask what’s in our water, Coldstream is fast emerging as the brand for health-conscious consumers looking for affordable, environmentally responsible alternatives to bottled water.

The Challenge

Launching Coldstream as a direct-to-consumer brand meant educating the UK public about a highly effective, affordable and environmentally-friendly solution. But first, we had to introduce the problem. Filtered tap water is not yet mainstream in the UK because unlike many other countries where Coldstream ceramic filters are popular, the tap water is considered safe to drink. And unlike the more common jug filter, Coldstream’s ceramic filters are usually installed out of sight under the kitchen counter, meaning our audience was unlikely to have seen photos of them on social media.

The Solution

Studioworx designed a values driven multi-channel marketing strategy targeting potential customers at every stage in the journey, from discovery to consideration, purchase and repeat purchase.

Coldstream Coldstream


What led you to decide to seek out a digital partner at the time?

Business strategy to pivot from B2B to B2C. No marketing team within the business, and no hands-on digital marketing experience, needed direction on how to execute the new strategy and then resource to do it.

What made you choose Studioworx?

Met the team, personal approach, demonstrated ability to work with SME/ smaller business.


The Process

Our specialist ecommerce user experience designers and developers updated Coldstream’s existing B2B website to give it a more direct-to-consumer look and feel.

We created an educational (and delightful) animated video series which highlights the most important benefits of Coldstream filters. Using paid social media campaigns, we targeted distinct audiences with content tailored to their particular interests and values, from saving money to improving health and minimising environmental impact.


We grew the email list and set up automated email campaigns re-target previous website visitors with content that directly addressed their concerns, whether they needed help choosing the right filter, the reassurance of Coldstream’s high seller rating on Trustpilot, or a reminder about an item left in their shopping cart. An automated refill reminder kept customers engaged, driving up customer lifetime value.

To capture high-intent search traffic, we set up Google Ads campaigns, ensuring that Coldstream filters were always there when customers searched for them in Google Search and Shopping results.

Trustpilot Trustpilot


From start to finish, how did you find our sales process?

Good. Important to meet face to face and meet broader/senior team.

What was the onboarding process like for your team?

Good, Studioworx team very open minded, supportive and structured approach.

The Results

Significant increases in high quality traffic from a range of sources paired with a smoother user journey resulted in a significantly higher conversion rate and a threefold increase in GMV sales within 8 months. Brand awareness continues to increase, with over 13 million new users reached in the UK via social media alone.

In Coldstream’s first 8 months of working with Studioworx:

GMV Sales

300 Increase


243 Increase

Avg. Conversion Rate

97.2 Increase

Compared to month 1

Bounce Rate

46.9 DEcrease

"We have achieved what we set out to achieve – through weekly reviews and Studioworx successfully becoming an extension of our team, essentially enabling us to have an informed, up to date marketing resource as we pivoted from B2B to B2C. Personal approach, proactive, can do anything mindset and attitude, creative, solutions focused, prepared to go the extra mile/over and above."

Phil Cheadle

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