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Your website is your business ID, get a bespoke built website that perfectly represents it.

Over 12 years of experience in Web Development and Web Design!

We know exactly how to build and design the websites that perfectly represent your business and depict your brand identity. Designing the perfect solution for you is what we are best at, and we achieve it by combining YOUR ideas and needs with our expertise and experience!

Hundreds of websites we’ve made so far for businesses from various niches gave us the experience to ALWAYS come up with the BEST solutions. We approach each task separately and directly, ensuring that your brand gets the best representation and that your ideas have been shaped into the website that relates perfectly to your business and your goals!

Multiple choices for different budgets

Picking the right web platform to suit both your needs and your budget is of a paramount importance! We can offer you Magento, Drupal, WordPress, or bespoke Studioworx CMS platform. It means you will get the best of both worlds! Your website can be open source if required, and as such – easily editable by your web team. It will also have virtually unlimited functionalities, without making any compromises in terms of the usability or the design!

Each and every of the solutions we can provide has its benefits and advantages over the other options, and we will be able to advise you in this segment, allowing you to make the choice that will be the most cost-effective for your needs. Quality is always a top priority, and every recommendation we make will be based on your needs, and the goals you wish to achieve!

Studioworx CMS

Mobile first approach as standard

The audience on the internet has changed dramatically in the past few years. More than 50% of total visitors come using mobile devices. That forced all major search engines such as Google to change their ranking rules and to enforce mobile first ranking signals! Your website HAS TO be fully responsive and perfectly adapted for mobile device users!

We are specialists in this segment! Our website design includes fully responsive websites with perfect customer experiences for mobile device users! This will give you an edge over your competitors and it will put your online presentation into a position to be always up to date and follow the latest trends in web design.

1. Consultation

We will always first hear what you wish to achieve with your website, what the message you wish to send out is, and what is that you want to achieve with the visuals and functionality of your website! Only then we will give our suggestions on how to improve your initial idea.

2. Design

In the next step, we will provide visual concepts for your website. You are still completely involved in the process, and you can make comments on any segment of your website’s visuals. We will be there to improve the initial concept and achieve EXACTLY what you want.

3. Staging

Your website will be actually built at this moment. The visuals will get the code behind it and all the main features will be active. At this stage, we will already have a clear framework and we will know how to tune up your online presentation to achieve the best results possible!

4. Testing Phase

Once the website has been built, it needs to be tested for any bugs that might have found their way into the code. Both desktop and mobile versions of your website will be stress-tested and any malfunctions will be fixed. After the testing phase your website will be ready to go live.

5. Training

At this point of time, we will give all the necessary training to your dedicated team members, so they can manipulate the contents using the CMS you have selected and efficiently update the content on your website. Once it has been carried out, you will be completely ready to run it on your own.

6. Launch & Support

In the final stage of our development process, your website will be put live on the web, and you will be ready to start using it to the full extent. Support packages are also available for the post-launch period. These services can be used to maintain your website, and even for smaller improvements.

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