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We are experts in providing fully functional and professional eCommerce websites based on various platforms such as Magento, Big Commerce, Shopify, Kooomo, and many others!

Studioworx has a huge experience in the eCommerce website creation segment. We have been working with over 800 retailers, including several globally famous brands such as Diadora, Suzuki, Havaianas, and James Goldstein. We have also won several awards for the eCommerce stores we developed for our clients, with the Kids Choo being the latest project that achieved that feature. We have the knowledge and the experience to make your online store effective and perfectly suited for your online business!

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Helping businesses grow for more than 12 years

Over the years, we have built up a huge portfolio of various projects based on different eCommerce platforms!

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eCommerce Platforms we work with

We work with almost every eCommerce platform out there, and we have a vast experience in finding the right one for your business. No matter if you are a start-up retailer or a huge international brand, we will be able to find the best eCommerce solution for your business!

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The majority of traffic nowadays comes from the mobile devices. This is why we pay additional attention to the mobile-first approach in our eCommerce design and development process. Thanks to this approach, your online store will work perfectly on any device, and you will be able to reach every potential customer out there!

This has been recognised as one of the key segments of our services, and as a result, we have won several awards for our eCommerce projects!

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Working with Studioworx

Working with Studioworx

Working with Studioworx means being fully involved in the entire process of creating your eCommerce store! We ALWAYS try to translate your ideas into effective designs, and it means you will be involved in every step of the web store creation process. It will ultimately result in a web presence that is just perfect for your business!

Communication & Support

Communication & Support

Throughout the process of creating your web store, you will be constantly in communication with the developers working on it, as well as the company management. Thanks to this approach, you will be always able to communicate your ideas to all the relevant people and make sure your eShop turns out exactly how you want it!

Advanced Upselling

Advanced Upselling

The moment when a potential customer is on your website is an ideal opportunity to reach them with other products from your portfolio. With our web stores, it is possible to develop an advanced upselling system which will bring other products from your website directly in front of your visitors. It always results in increased sales and increased profitability!

Global Reach

Global Reach

eShops designed and developed by Studioworx have the potential to reach customers globally! No matter what is your target market, we can provide designs that can target any country in the world. With the advanced options we provide you can sell with the same version of your website on a global scale, or you can target each geography with a fully customised version for that specific market!

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Our designs work on every browser and on every platform! No matter if your visitors use mobile or desktop devices, and regardless of their browser – your online store will be displayed perfectly! You will never lose a customer due to their inability to see your website from their device of choice!

Cost Benefits

Cost Benefits

By offering your products online, you will be able to greatly increase the profitability of your business. Selling on multiple markets, through various channels, and all from a single point of sale will increase your revenue and decrease costs of running your business!

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