eBay Store & Listing Design

At Studioworx we create bespoke tailored eBay stores and listing designs and avoid templated layouts to ensuring no two eBay designs are alike.

Having worked with over 800 established eBay Businesses, we can guarantee to provide the best consultation possible. We handle the store design, listing, implementation and testing. You benefit from a fixed set-up cost and no ongoing hosting fees which ensures a cost-effective launch of your brand and products on eBay.

View our latest examples below:

Joseph Joseph eBay Design
Office Shoes eBay Design
The Body Shop eBay Design

Key Design Features

  • Mobile Responsive Store & Listing
  • Faceted Search
  • Search Suggestions
  • Dynamic eBay user Feedback
  • Dynamic Categories
  • Listing Image Gallery & Zoom
  • HTML5 Videos built within Image Listing Gallery
  • Dynamic Cross Selling Promotions
Brand Attic eBay Store
eBay Policy Secure

eBay Policy Compliant Design

We work closely with eBay to provide unique responsive designs that work within eBay's policies.

Our listing solution is built purley with html5 and CSS3 only combined with server side widgets to bring you the most dynamic compliant solution on the market.

Helium3 Faceted Search Widget

Improve click-through rate using our multifaceted Helium3 filter technology. Helium3 is the only 'true' faceted search technology available to eBay sellers. We are world leading in this field with 100's of big brand eBay sellers using our search technologies across millions of listings.

We realised that eBay shop search functionality is limited and we needed a way to refine search results by product attributes. Helium3 does exactly that. It provides a fully customised configuration to display filters to suit each individual store category.

Helium3 eBay Faceted Search Helium3 eBay Search Suggestions

Do I need an eBay design?

If your serious about selling on eBay and want to look like a professional business then the answer is yes. You want to stand apart from your average sellers on eBay so customers know who there buying from.

An eBay design can have much more of an importance then you think, it is also about brand awareness which in turn can attract buyers directly to your website.

Curry's eBay Store
Studioworx Listing Builder

Free Listing Builder Software

Not using a listing solution?... or just want to avoid the high costs, our listing builder software is perfect for start up - to middle size businesses who want a professional creative listing template and not have to manually edit complex code. Our listing builder lets you create products within minutes and then generates the description html ready to be pasted directly into eBay.

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Save up to 30%* on eBay Enterprise and Ultimate packages when purchasing a web store at the same time.

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Save up to 25%* when ordering 3 or more eBay packages.

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