Listing Description Builder

Get the most out of your Creative eBay Listings

The Studioworx team can fast-track your business on eBay with a fresh creative eBay shop & Listing design, however not everyone has a budget to buy into a eBay listing solution which manages your inventory. Studioworx have designed a tool which allows you to buy a creative eBay solution from us and get the most out of the features available using our simple description builder. Simply enter your information into the required fields, upload images, configure your templates and inventory all with a few simple clicks then finally export your detailed descriptions pre-rendered... No HTML skills required!

Key Features

Key Features

  • Easy to use with a clean interface
  • Create templates in minutes
  • Behaves like a normal inventory system
  • Upload images with unlimited hosting space
  • Fully customise field requirements
  • Editable HTML descriptions
  • PC, MAC, Tablet, Mobile friendly
  • Comes Free with any eBay creative order!


Create templates in minutes
Using the interface provided, within minutes you can duplicate existing templates and make suitable modifications to them to suit your needs. If you have ordered multiple templates, the system is designed to manage these whether you have 1 or even 50 template variants. Even third party templates are supported, providing they have been suitably modified to support the system tags provided.

Behaves like a normal inventory system
You may have 100, or even 1000 listings loaded into the tool. The inventory can handle 1000's of records if required and can provide export tools should you wish to import this data into third party listing management systems at a later date.

Upload images with unlimited hosting space
We understand that hosting images can be difficult when linking them to eBay descriptions. Our tool allows you to upload 12 images per product listing and automatically generates a suitable URL for each. Best of all, image hosting comes free with this tool interface.