Helium3 eBay Search

We realised that eBay store search functionality is limited and we needed a way to refine search results by product attributes. Helium3 does exactly that. It provides a fully customised configuration to display filters to suit each individual store category. The search facilities complement our award winning eBay design services which is just one of many widgets available from studioworx.

- Helium3 is the only flexible true faceted search widget available for eBay shops.
- True definition of faceted search is the process of eliminating filter option combinations which yield no results on selection. As a result will always return a product regardless of the criteria selected for your custom search.
- It’s a widget which significantly improves search and conversion by taking customers directly to the products they want without the excess browsing.
- It’s supported across both standard and branded template store types (enterprise) or as a standalone widget both in none creative stores or listing templates.
- A widget which is available as a one off fee, and no on-going rental costs for the life of the solution providing that the technology remains supported by eBay.