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Magento Web Development: The Future of eCommerce

Magento web development trends for ecommerce stores.

Magento Web Development: The Future of eCommerce

As one of the world’s most popular open-source platforms, Magento web development trends show us exactly what the online retail spaces of tomorrow will look like.

In the post-pandemic world, thousands more consumers are choosing to shop in online retail spaces. The ecommerce boom is well underway, and at the forefront of this changing online world is Magento, a scalable and customisable platform designed to help retailers create inviting and innovative digital spaces for consumers, wherever they may be.

As they respond to changing markets and new consumer expectations, Magento web developers continue to make ecommerce spaces more personalised and interactive. With rising trends directed toward consumer engagement, accessibility and immersion, the future of ecommerce will no doubt transform the way we shop. 

Virtual reality

With online retail spaces becoming more and more prominent in people’s lives, it makes sense to try and make these platforms as realistic and immersive as possible. The use of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) has risen in popularity across numerous fields, as it has become a useful way of cultivating new experiences in a digital space.

This technology is now being used for eCommerce applications, to reshape the way consumers shop online. The more tangible experience offered by VR allows shoppers to test products more effectively prior to purchasing. Want to buy a new sofa? This technology can help you see how it would fit in your front room before it’s even shipped.

 AR/VR are game-changing technologies in web development. With advanced capabilities in these areas, Magento ecommerce can bring consumers into online retail spaces in a newly tangible and innovative way. The enhanced experience offered by VR is in line with other web development trends that seek to create a more seamless dialogue between consumer and retailer.


Artificially intelligent chatbots are an ecommerce trend that is definitely here to stay. These effective portals for communication reduce waiting periods and keep consumers engaged when they have queries. AI technology means that chatbots can provide instant responses full of accurate information.

As the technology has continued to become more sophisticated, Magento web developers have used chatbots to provide increasingly proficient and competent assistance to shoppers. In the same vein as voice-activated assistants, these chatbots also provide ecommerce brands with a friendly face, and reliable portal for open dialogue with consumers.

Voice activation

One of the most prominent web development trends of 2022 is definitely voice search optimisation. Following the success of voice-activated assistants such as Siri and Alexa, it comes as no surprise that consumers are now looking to engage with more online platforms using their voice.

Voice optimization allows consumers to make searches in a whole new way. People can now find out the weather, check messages and even make purchases by speaking into their phone or tablet, and this has opened up a whole new avenue for Magento web development. With advanced voice processing capabilities, the platform allows retailers to process commands through audio input, offering consumers a brand new way to find the products they are looking for. 

Voice optimization is also perfect for keeping ecommerce spaces nimble and easy to use. Dictating searches orally makes the shopping experience hands-free for consumers who are on-the-go, and retailers will no doubt benefit hugely from increased accessibility. Making the most of this brand new point of interaction between retailer and consumer, Magento developers continue to integrate voice integration with eCommerce platforms in novel and intuitive ways.

Push notifications

Equally popular with consumers today is the use of push notifications. Online retailers can use this feature to keep customers engaged with brand updates, offers, deals and services in a direct and informal way. Push notifications have become popular with Magento web developers, as they increase brand engagement and promote a broader sense of ongoing awareness.

 With the support of experts in Magento web development, retailers can harness the power of push notifications, and create a stronger dialogue with consumers. A similar effect can be achieved through the use of pop-up notifications on the ecommerce platform itself, and others have even started using exit-intent pop-ups in order to direct consumers to specific pages.

 Frequent customers are more likely to engage with time-sensitive offers and sales this way. It is also possible to tailor push notifications to customers based on their shopping habits with Magento 2. By sending only the most relevant information to any one consumer, brands can maintain an ongoing dialogue with their customer base and remain non-intrusive.

The progressive web app

At the very cutting edge of web development is the Magento Progressive Web App, or PWA. This newly emerging concept promises to be transformative to the way shoppers interact with ecommerce platforms, by making online stores more user friendly and collaborative through an app-like interface.

Web applications are a major step forward for ecommerce spaces that are looking to be adaptable to any and every device that a consumer wants to shop with. Enhanced accessibility will not only ensure repeat custom, but an easier and more intuitive shopping experience all around. Magento developers are at the epicentre of this emerging trend, providing ecommerce retailers with a faster, more lightweight platform that is highly accessible and easy to use.

Embracing the future

Magento is a leading ecommerce platform, with a reputation for providing frequent upgrades and updates on newly emerging technology. As online retail continues to rise in popularity, Magento web developers can provide reliable, informed and contemporary services to brand owners looking to make their products readily available to a digital consumer base.

Experienced Magento web designers and developers are capable of helping any brand embrace the future of ecommerce. To get in touch with Magento experts, or find out more information, check out Studioworx’s dedicated Magento services.

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