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BigCommerce tackles the B2B sector by rolling out new tools

BigCommerce decided to enter the B2B sector by rolling out a new set of tools to answer the needs!

BigCommerce tackles the B2B sector by rolling out new tools

BigCommerce was always considered as one of the best SaaS solutions for small to medium retailers in the B2C sector of eCommerce, but it was seldom considered as a good option for the retailers who wish to run B2B operations as well. There was a good reason for this as they were not exactly equipped to provide a scalable and efficient solution in this quite specific segment of digital commerce.

This is about to change thanks to the new partnerships and the new features that have been added to the platform!

The new set of features will allow different stock and pricing management for different channels. It means that it will be possible to organise the stock with different pricing for retailer partners, volume buyers abroad, and for the single purchases.

In total, it provides all the tools for the successful B2B eCommerce operations. The 6 new partners that allowed them to expand their platform’s capabilities are:


Nextopia is providing a high level, B2B focused machine learning based personalisation for B2B customers. It allows a highly personalised shopping experience and is focusing on each customer’s behaviour separately.

Shipper HQ

Shipper HQ is a tool that allows calculating and executing all shipments, regardless of their size and the means of transportation. By integrating it into the BigCommerce, the platform became capable of dealing with even the most complex shipping issues. 


This service automates the procurement system as it is compatible with all existing systems including SAP and Oracle. It reduces the complexity of all procurements and provides a smooth and seamless solution in this segment.

Bundle B2B

Bundle B2B is a service that allows easy and customisable operations in regards to all forms needed for operations of any B2B business. Since the integration is based on the BigCommerce API, the operation is smooth and without any problems.


Apruve is a full-scale end-to-end solution that deals with the extending terms and allow collecting the purchase within just 24 hours. It is able to cover every segment of the process and provide a single solution for crediting, invoicing, and collecting.


This is a platform dedicated to retail operations. By integrating it into the BigCommerce, the users are getting the opportunity to run a full-scale omnichannel operation with minimal stress and maximum efficiency, all from a single spot!

All these additions make a unique bundle that answers all the major issues any retailer will face if they decide to enter the waters of B2B commerce. It also places BigCommerce on the map in a much-expanded frame, as it is no more just a B2C platform, but a complete tool that could answer any need. The end result of such an expansion should be faster and more stable impact on the global market and the increase of the value of the entire company. Of course, the future will tell how effective was this approach, but the chances are good that we will get to enjoy an improved service with a much larger customer base.

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